Collab & create
live experiences

The digital world is competing with and has replaced many physical interactions. In-person experiences are invaluable, and instead of being neglected, they should be enhanced with emerging technologies.

How it works

Sync up everyone's devices

Our web platform can coordinate an entire group’s various IOT technologies like lights, music, screens, and VR to create dynamic, synced experiences.




Who Benefits

Event Hosts

Enhance events with unique synchronized experiences

Gauge engagement with post-event analytics

Send information and updates to guests in live time


Enjoy tailored experiences at events and at home

Get live event updates sent straight to your device

Meet new people and instantly get their info


Easily create dynamic in-person experiences

Develop cross-platform experiential games

Share your experiences through our marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the experiences?

The hobbyist open-source developer community create experiences that can be shared and used by anyone who has the compatible devices.

How do I use these experiences at my event/meeting/gathering?

The experiences can be accessed from our online marketplace. You can then use our web platform to sync up your devices to the experience and even customize it further if you want.

How do my guests access experiences at my event?

Guests will be able to scan a QR code and instantly check-in to the event's webapp.